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Grey Smooth Hound Shark

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Grey Smoothhound Shark, Medium: over 7-10“,   $2,000.00
Grey Smoothhound Shark, Large: over 10-14“,      $2,200.00
Grey Smoothhound Shark, X-Large: over 14-18“,  $1,500.00

Scientific Name: Mustelus californicus
Reef Compatible: No
Care Level: Expert-only
Disposition: Aggressive
Min. Tank Size: 250 gallons
Mature Size: 45 inches
Diet: Carnivore
Size Class: 17

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Grey Smooth-hound Shark For Sale

Grey Smooth-hound Shark, the grey smooth-hound is a species of houndshark found from California to the Gulf of California, in Mexico. It occurs at the bottom, usually in shallow waters, but has been found in occasion in waters as deep as 200 m.

They’re viviparous. Females give birth to 2 to 5 pups. They become sexually mature when they’re about 70 cm long, and reach lengths of about 120 cm, with females being larger than males.

They’re often caught recreationally in California, and are targeted in Mexico, but since they reproduce relatively fast their numbers are stable. They’re currently considered Least Concern but populations must be monitored to prevent it from becoming endangered.

Grey Smooth-hound Shark

The grey smoothhound shark is taken as bycatch in California and is both a target and bycatch of trawl and gillnet fisheries off Mexico. Despite continued fishing pressure there is no evidence to suggest this species has declined. This is a relatively fast-growing shark, with relatively short longevity (approximately nine years), early age at first maturity (2-3 years for females) and moderate fecundity (3-16 pups per litter), and is therefore considered to have a high capacity for recovery from fishing pressure compared to other sharks. These life-history characteristics, combined with no evidence to suggest the species has declined result in an assessment of Least Concern. Given that fishing pressure is continuing, catch levels need to be quantified and catch and population trends should be monitored carefully”.

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13 reviews for Grey Smooth Hound Shark

  1. Himi K

    Beautiful Smooth Hound and great friendly, knowledgeable, helpful customer service. I highly recommend Shark and Reef.

  2. Venus B

    We recived are Marbled catsharks in a beutiful condition which was a suprise considering they came from California and we live in Chiago we had one die but that was are fault we had terrible amonia and didnt fallow his instructions correctly and he even helped us keep are other shark healthy. He calls back every time you call him and seems to know alot about his sharks and fish in general. Overall we are happy with are shark and will defenintly stay in contact with them.

  3. Slick H

    I have nothing but good things to say about both the wildlife I have received from Shark and Reef and their customer service. After researching and looking at Smooth Hound Sharks for quite some time, the shark that we received had the best coloration of any Smooth Hound I’ve seen, literally, and arrived healthy and is still thriving months later. And the customer service has been fantastic. I have spoken with dozens of people in this industry in the last several months and I sadly expect to receive poor or passable customer service with most people that I interact with, but Shark and Reef has not only met met my expectations, but has gone above them. I will definitely continue to work with them in the future.

  4. Darin K

    I live in Canada. My research told me that the grey smooth hound was a good fit for what I was looking for. I then contacted Shark and Reef and put in an order. They did not ship sharks to Canada so I agreed to pick up the shark in Montana and bring him across border myself. He was shipped on Friday early afternoon and arrived in Greatfalls early Saturday afternoon. It then took 6 hours to drive him north to my home. The shipping container and pure oxygen that was used made it possible for him to arrive safe and healthy. In fact, he was eating the next day. I would highly recommend Jeremy and his team if you are looking for top quality creatures.

  5. Seth L

    I just recieved my smoothhounds and the packaging and recieving process was simple. I ordered these sharks several months ago and Jeremy was very helpful in making sure i was up to date on all info i need. I WILL NOT ORDER FROM ANOTHER SHARK PROVIDER OTHER THAN JEREMY WITH SHARK AND REEF. This has been my first of many orders. Thanks to Jeremy and his team and Shark and Reef!

  6. Yazmin J

    WOW!!!! Jeremy sent the most awesome gray smooth hound shark!!! Arrived in perfect condition , ate while acclimating in shipping container!!!!! Now I have both a Japanese leopard and a Gray smooth hound sharks in my 250. I would do 10 STARS if I could!!!! First class ALL THE WAY!!!!!

  7. Miguel K

    Jeremy sent a beautiful smooth hound with the best shipping methods in the industry!!!! FIRST CLASS operation!!!FIRST PRIORITY IS THE HEALTH OF YOUR NEW PET!! WOW!!! Will be buying again, NOBODY gives his Guarantee!!!!I Fully recommend his store.

  8. Colton H

    Great shark, I ordered it a month before I could house it and Jeremy waited until I was ready to receive it in my new tank. Its flight was delayed, but Jeremy was helpful in answering questions regarding its flight. The shark looked healthy and has acclimated well with the other sharks in the tank.

  9. Jose B

    Just got a nice male from Jeremy again he went the extra mile to make sure the shark was healthy and dealing with him was a pleasure again. I highly recommend shark and reef for sharks!

  10. Tinka V

    I pre ordered this shark a few months ago and Jeremy kept in contact the entire time and answered all my questions i had. Would highly recommend ordering any shark from arowanaparadisesale.com!

  11. Castro G

    Mr long sold me 2 smooth hound shark and a yellow dot ray specie and sharks were in perfect health I really couldn’t ask for more I definitely will recommend your store for all my hobbiests fryends two thumbs up.

  12. Sawyer H

    I purchased another shark from Jeremy, (2 a year ago) and again it came in very good condition, packaged very well. I will order again when I would need another. I have been taking care of fish for 20 years now and he is the best shark supplier I have had the joy to work with !! Thanks Jeremy for Caring.

  13. Selena P

    This was the third shark I received from Jeremy. It arrived at O’Hare airport Sunday morning at about 11am. Delta cargo lost the shark in the airport. When I informed Jeremy he was right on it contacting Delta and pushing them to make it a priority to find the shark. Well unfortunately they could not find it. So I filed a claim with Delta. Then on Wednesday three days later I received a call from Delta stating they found the box and they opened it and there’s a shark swimming around in it. I was shocked it was still alive! I picked him up . Accumulated him and he’s been doing great. I think this shows the quality of animals that Jeremy sells and care he takes in the packing them for shipment. It was in the box almost four days! I can’t thank Jeremy enough for the support and help he provided even though this was all on Delta. By the way the shark was found in a maintenance shop where they repair cargo carts.

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